Government & Health IT

Health Information technology is another development that science has given us in the 21st century. Health information technology is an up gradation of the way medical services were provided earlier. Health Information Technology or Health IT is basically information technology put into the use of health and healthcare. This new development has come up with various benefits to the patients and the healthcare providers.

Due to its various uses and cost-effective ways, the government is putting its best efforts to make this new way of providing the medical services available and accessible to all. Given below are some of the major reasons why government is supporting the health information technology nowadays:-

  1. Helpful in Planning: Health information technology keeps all the accurate data of the patients into the system in the most systematized manner. This plays an important role for the government in planning various development programs related to the health of the people. All the data stored in the system gives a better view of the demographic picture and also explains the standard of living of the people. Therefore government makes efforts to promote health information technology as it makes the planning easier & more effective for the government.
  2. Time-Saving: One of the biggest advantages of the health IT is that it saves the time of both the patients as well as of the physicians. Health IT allows the patient and the provider to communicate online. This enables the doctors to provide all the necessary advice and strategies to the patient that further reduces the burden on the doctors as they can use this extra time in the treatment of the other critical patients. In a country where the number of doctors over patients is less, this system becomes very beneficial.
  3. Reduces the Diagnostic Errors: This unaddressed problem in any country can get the solution with the help of the new Health Information technology. The reason being there are few chances of diagnostic errors in case of health IT because all the data and information stored under the system is accurate and managed systematically. A doctor will have the access to not only the current condition of the patient but also to his medical history as well, thereby eliminating the chances of the errors and providing safe and accurate health treatment.
  4. Cost Effective: Health IT is very cost effective as it involves lesser paper, labor and time. There is no need to record all the data in the bulky files and later waste time for maintaining those records. In health IT the database is designed in such a manner that it automatically manages the patient information in the most systematic way.
  5. Improved Patient Care: Health IT comes with various tools that help the patients to get the access to the safer treatment. It is also very convenient for the patient to get the bits of advice of the doctor from anywhere online. Except this, this system gives the alarms and reminders to both, the doctors and the patients that help in getting better treatment.
Health IT