About Us

In Today’s Healthcare IT products & Healthcare IT Solutions need to be effective in healthcare management systems, it’s always a challenge to uniquely identify a patient records because of multiple healthcare infomation systems attached to hospitals and can lead to a duplication of patient records which in turn can increase costs.

Prohealthware’s EMR System, MPI System, EMPI solution can significantly reduce those risks by using matching algorithms to cross reference patient identifiers from different sources to uniquely identify each patient. Also EMPI can help in consolidation of duplicate patients, Merging of patient records and communication with multiple facilities.

  • Affordable indexing and integration solutions.
  • Create “unified” views of data.
  • Easier to identify, merge and exchange information which provides greater accuracy confidence and management over data.
  • Configurable Deterministic & Probabilistic matching
  • Support for HL7 Messages
  • Quick Match Capability