Benefits of Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) is simply the digital form of the patient’s paper chart or its medical history. These records contain all the required information of the patient such as results from the lab like tests, allergy information, dates of immunization and medication relevant to the patients etc.

Some of the major benefits of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in day-to-day life include:-

  • Providing Complete And Accurate Information

EHR is a digital system in which all the data about the patient is automatically managed. This allows both the patient and the physician to have an access to the accurate and up-to-date information. Accurate and complete medical information about the patient health further eliminates the chances of wrong medication.

  • Quick Access To Patient Records

EHR has made the data management smoother for the clinic as well as for the patients. As these records are managed digitally there is no involvement of heavy paperwork and bulky files. The patient chart can be easily accessed by the simple click of the mouse. Patients also don’t need to bother about their laboratory receipts or prescription slips, as all such information is already stored in the system.

  • Effective Diagnosing

EHR has not only reduced the burden of paperwork but also made diagnosing more effective. The quick access to accurate data has reduced the medical errors and offered a more accurate care to the patients.

  • Health Care Convenience

EHRs improve the health care quality. These also make health care more convenient for providers and patients. The system provides enhanced decision support, clinical alerts, and reminders as well as eliminates the need for filling forms and visiting clinic a number of times. You can directly call and fix your appointment by sharing your data with the clinic with the help of EHR.

  • Privacy And Security Of Patient Data

The patient record in Electronic Health Records is more secured and systematic. There are various tools that have been developed under the health IT system allowing users to keep their health data safe and secured.

  • Cost Efficient

Electronic health records almost eliminate the use of paper in the data management. This has not only saved the cost but also the labor involved in making these records safe. There is also no need for duplication of testing. For a patient, these records enhance the safety and give access to improved health due to proper medication.

  • Better Decision Making By Healthcare Providers

Medical practitioners have always PRAISED electronic health records as these have reduced their burden. The system gives them automatic reminders for the medical tests of the patients and also shows the progress in their condition.

  • Time Saver

In today’s life, the most important thing is time. Electronic Health Records are quite helpful in saving the time involved in the treatment of the patient. It allows doctors to communicate with their patients online and patients also need not to visit the clinic many times as they can get the prescription directly.


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