Artificial Intelligence in Health IT

Initially, until 1974 Artificial Intelligence (AI) was used in solving geometry and algebra problems. During the period from 1980 to 1987, there was an increment in the expert system that is capable of solving problems of the specific sector. But, the craze of AI declined in 1997 as Russian grandmaster Garry Kasparov was defeated by IBM’s Deep Blue. After that many AI achievements have come to an existence like humanoid robots, the first domestic or pet robot, handwriting recognition and testing for autonomous vehicles.

Additionally, AI has many applications in various industries like finance, transport, technology, and healthcare. With the introduction of AI in the healthcare sector, the process of providing healthcare services to patient has drastically changed and now better healthcare services are being offered by healthcare providers.

Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare Sector

  1. Virtual Health Assistant

Virtual Health Assistants (VHA) by sending reminders of the prescribed medication can help the diseased patients to take required medicine on time in order to remain healthy. VHA’s can also help patients to track their diet by giving them advice on a particular diet according to the patient medical conditions. VHA’s also helps pharmacies to remind patients to refill their medication and even recommend regular health checkups.

  1. Diagnosis

AI plays an important role in the diagnosis of any disease. Researchers from Stanford University have also introduced an algorithm which can even diagnose skin cancer. Recently, the AI-based technique which is popularly known as Infervision is used to read CT scans and X-rays. Alphabet which is a Google’s parent company is currently working on an AI algorithm by using a high-level image recognition which can detect metastasis quickly at the earlier stage. As AI can easily analyze a large amount of patient’s data, it can help in detection of disease and in making clinical decisions in advance.

  1. Healthcare BOTs

Bots in healthcare are for patient engagement. Bots simply help patients in real time health updates by sending text messages. Health chatbots also give answers to every health-related query that patient has. It also helps in maintaining a dosage of prescriptions by sending reminders of medications and doses.

Some Other AI Algorithms That are Being Developed in the Field of Healthcare are:-

  1. Analysis of Heart sound
  2. Elderly Companion robots
  3. Medical records of Mining
  4. Designing treatment plans
  5. Helping in repetitive jobs
  6. Giving consultations to the patients
  7. Creating new drugs

Advantages of AI in Healthcare

  • Advancement in Treatments

AI plays an important role in the advancement of treatment by helping in improvising treatment plans and analyzing large data which help in providing better treatment. AI also helps in fast diagnosis of diseases which further helps in starting quick treatment.

  • Virtual Assistants

AI also helps patients by providing them virtual assistance in real time. With AI patients can now ask any health-related questions via messages. They can even get reminders for their medications schedules.

  • Reduce Costs

AI helps in reducing the cost of treatment by 50% and improves the outcome by 30-40%. It also helps doctors to retrieve patient’s data with ease.




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